March news and match results

16th March

DFT League -Chester Lakes

1- Alan Murray 27-6-0

2- Dave Tarran 26-2-0

3- Paul Robb    20-9-0

9th March

River Dee Farndon

1- Phil Kirby  16-5-0

2- Phil Iball    15-4-0

2nd March

DFT League -Chester Lakes

1- Dave Tarran     38-8-0

2- Dave Bampton 35-12-0

3-Phil Hardman     32-6-0


February news and Match Results

23rd Feb – Lingmere

1,Les Picken  32.10.0

2,Graham Peabody  27.8.0

3,kev Billingsley  26.12.0



16th Feb – Weston Pools

1,Mark Greasley   44.12.0

2,Darren frost   30.8.0

3,Ritchie Oconnor 25.9.0



9th Feb – Hampton springs

1,Martin Holding  23.10.0

2,Freddy More  22.7.0

3,Paul Robb  17.0.0



2nd Feb- Chester Lakes

1,Kevin Thornton  30.5.0

2,Alan Murray       17.0.0

3,Graham Bell       15.10.0

December news and match results

I would like to wish everyone a merry xmas and a happy new year.

Tight lines for 2014

29th Dec – Chester Lakes

1st Hayden Messham  25-10-0

2nd Andy Amos  20-13-0

3rd  Brian Howshall 16-14-0

15th Dec- Hampton springs

1st  Andy Amos   31-10-0

2nd  Mark Greasley 25-3-0

3rd  Martin Holding  22-1-0

8th Dec- Lingmere Fur n Feather

1st Matty Dawes            50-9-0

2nd  Alan Murray          44-13-0

3rd  Dave Woodsworth  43-6-0

1st Dec – Saughall

1st  M Greasley  17-7-0

2nd D Battison   14-10-0

3rd  F Moore      12-11-0

November news and Match results

24th November – Hampton Springs

1st Graham Peabody 35-4-0

2nd Colin Hett  34-8-0

3rd Bob Griffiths  33-0-0

17th November – Bala Lake

1st Alan Murray     15-6-0

2nd Dave Battison 14-0-0

3rd Kev thornton   12-8-0

10th November- criceth?

1st Brian probert  30-6-0

2nd Kev thornton 23-12-0

3rd Bob griffiths   17-10-0

3rd November- Chester Lakes

1st   Dave Battison  21-8-0

2nd  Colin Hett    20-11-0

3rd   Roy price    19-10-0

October news and Match results

The Dates have been announced for DFT league 2014 Look at link at top of the page.

Unfortunately We have had another fish kill this week. The EA have been and taken water samples and some of the dead fish. We need help from members to pick out dead fish and bag them ready to take to the skip. Your help would be most appreciated.

Match Results.

27th October- Saughall

1st  Steve Bampton   29-6-0

2nd Les Picken   22-10-0

3rd  Hayden Messham  15-12-0

20th October – Bron Effion

1st Bob Griffiths  43-10-0

2nd Lee Campion  42-8-0

3rd Brian Probert  40-6-0

13th October -Lingmere

1st Winston Duckers   39-6-0

2nd  Phil Henry   38-1-0

3rd   Gwilym Lloyd   36-12-0

6th  October -Wepre

1st  Brian Probert  13-10-0

2nd Kev Thornton  10-6-0

3rd  Alan Murray     8-2-0

September news and match results



29th September-Weston pools

Frankie Doran Memorial Match, 105 people turned up for this annual match which raised £910 for charity. The hospice of the good shepherd.

1st Ritchie O’Connor 105-0-0 From peg 17 weir.

2nd Martin Churchill 86-14-0

3rd Andy Amos 86-4-0

4th Colin Roberts 72-12-0

The Rosie is now open.

Due to more fish dying low oxygen levels, The Rosie will be closed until further notice.

The Match at the Rosie on Sunday 15th September has been cancelled.

22nd September- Backford to arches Shropie canal.

1st Paul Cooke 8-6-0

2nd Carl Welch 2-13-0

3rd Keith Dentith 2-8-0


8th September-Bala Lake

1st Dave Evans        8-12-0

2nd Dave Battison  8-7-0

3rd Alan Murray      7-4-0

1st September- Milton Green

1st Kevin Thornton 24-6-0

2nd Dave Hodson    16-15-0

3rd  Graham Bell      16-6-0